Team Formation

We encourage anyone to form a regional team (affiliated team) to play in this hockey tournament. Several players are looking forward to play spring hockey but need SOMEONE to organize/form a team. We will help you with team formation & logistics (jerseys purchase, hockey clinics, ect.) insurance, registration, payment process…

WHY would you like to form a Hockey team?

  • to give opportunities to some players to play spring hockey;
  • to play with different skilled players to improve your game; and
  • to network with new friends coming from all over participating in this major event.

BENEFITS to become an Affiliated Team with the Hockey Prospects organization?

  • to learn HOW to form talented teams;
  • to manage your own spring regional hockey organization;
  • to join our PROSPECTS coaching network; and
  • to receive priority to play in our top events and activities.

You have a few players interested and you need help to form a team to participate in this top spring tournament, please complete the application form below as we will happy to assist you. If you are a qualified/dedicated coach with passion for the game and you will like to coach our Prospects team, please contact us for coaching opportunities.