Hockey Camp


Camp Philosophy                                                                               
We are proud to present an innovative a ‘5-days-hockey’ camp for the young player, boy or girl, to enhance his/her skills. We will ensure that each participant has a valuable learning experience during the camp as well as the chance to meet new friends and have fun. Our development program offer hockey, sports activities, and bonding activities to enhance players’ technical skills & physical fitness. We will be a friend to your child while offering a safe and caring environment that allows them to enjoy their camp regardless of their experience or ability. Register early as we refused applicants last year!  VIDEO
 Camp Includes: 
» Snacks every day (Bring your own lunch)
» 2 1/2 hrs of ice per day
» Outdoor activities
» Hockey drills to enhance the player’s skills
» Team Building Exercises
» Mini-game (hockey, soccer…)
» Off-ice skills development
» “Learn to play the game”
» Camp starts at 9:00 AM
» Free early drop-off (8 a.m. or after)
»Free late pick-up (5 p.m. or before)
» Great instructions & loads of Fun!!!
 A typical daily schedule:
– 8:00-9:00: Drop-off
– 9:00: Dress & Warm-up
– 9:20: On Ice Drills (Skating Skills)
– 11:00: Change/Snacks
– 11:15: Off-ice activities
– 12:00-1:15: Lunch, Dress/Conditioning
– 1:15: On-ice Drills (Puck skills)
– 2:30: Rest/Snacks
– 3:00: Soccer drills & Mini-game
– 4:00-5:00: Pick-up
Who can participate:
Basic Program (5-days): Focus on individual skills’ development while learning how to play Hockey! Our instructors will help the young athlete to improve her/his skating, stick-handling, shooting, and many other skills.  Program for young boys and girls aged 5 up to 12 years old.
Advanced Program (4-days:Mon-Thur): Skating Abilities (lessons on forward and backwards stride, starts & stops, crossovers, tight turns and overall lateral); Puck Abilities (stick-handling, puck control, shooting, and passing drills to improve the ability to shoot with accuracy & quickness…)
Dynamic Instructors from Junior/College Varsity teams Coordinator: Ryan Thompson
  Camp Location:
Camp: Kingston Invista Multiplex Centre
(Located at 1350 Gardiners Rd., Kingston, Ontario, K7P 0E5)
For more information, contact Ryan at
  Registration Info:
Camp Fee: $399 (include the 13% HST) including snacks. $150 deposit is due with the application to reserve your spot; and $249 is due before June 1th, 2018. Hurry as we have several applications in.Referral Program: Want to bring a friend? We will give you a refund of $25 for referring a friend who pays the full registration fee.

A Welcome Package will specific details and information on your child will be SENT one (1) week before the camp.

Cancellation Policy: Please find our cancellation policy by clicking here.

Registration online: To register, please complete the registration form below and pay your registration fee. Submit one form per child: