Elite Boy Player Registration

ONLY top players born’ s 1999-2005 are invited to join our tournament Prospects teams to play in this top Tier showcase. These Prospects will be coached by qualified instructors who are supervised. No parents coached our Prospects. The focus is to play a smart game focusing on Puck and Skating skills at all times. Register below if you agree with our development philosophy! Our staff will evaluate your application to confirm your participation. We will reimburse you if we refuse your application. Thank You!

INDIVIDUAL PLAYER REGISTRATION: Fee: $ 179 Can (include also Jersey & Socks)

Please complete the form below and a payment web page will be displayed to make a payment through PayPal to reserve your spot. (Complétez la fiche d’inscription du tournoi ci-dessous et une page Web s’affichera pour payer les frais d’inscription via PayPal).

PLAYER/JOUEUR APPLICATION (Please complete all the fields below-Complètez les cases ci-dessous):